The exciting world of digital dating still feels quite new to many, although you can trace the early emergence of online dating all the way back to the late 1990s.

Today, the digital dating world has changed beyond all recognition. Thousands of marriages worldwide have been created off the back of relationships that started in the digital landscape and many of the barriers associated with more traditional forms of dating have been removed.

It’s revolutionised how we find love and opened up a world of opportunity. With so many potentially perfect matches out there waiting to be found, digital dating is the now the norm.

How the internet has changed dating –

The endless advantages of digital dating

It was the launch of all the way back in 1996 that first put the world of digital dating at the forefront of people’s minds. Back then, it was a set of rudimentary online messaging tools which gave you a platform to interact with the profiles of women who had signed up to the website.

Today, the technology has moved on significantly, as has the opportunities which online dating websites present. Perhaps the biggest advantage to using a digital platform to meet the woman of your dreams is that it brings a massive amount of choice.

No longer are people limited to those who they meet in-person at local parties, bars or through friends of friends. Taking your dating online allows you to search for exactly the type of people you want to meet; that may be influenced by interest, looks, career, personality, ethnicity or location, and much more besides.

In-line with the world in which we now live, digital dating has sped things up to levels we could perhaps never have before imagined possible.  In a single day or night, you could have potentially had conversations with several different prospective partners who you consider to be your type.

Profile pages allow you to present yourself truly as you wish to be seen, while the many online tools such a video chat, digital gifting and instant messaging allow you to converse like never before.

Digital dating: The drawbacks

For all the many advantages that digital dating has presented to us, there are a few very small drawbacks. Overwhelmingly, people enjoy a positive experience meeting new people and perhaps starting new relationships which flourish online.

However, there can be a couple of drawbacks to using digital dating websites when you’re looking for love. One such challenge can be honesty. It’s not, fundamentally, a problem with online dating itself, but more that it gives users who wish to do so an opportunity to hide who they really are or perhaps present a different version of themselves.

Another disadvantage is that it can take a while to truly get to know someone when dating purely in a digital landscape. Face-to-face meetings are definitely a better way of getting to know people on an intimate level, so you may need to be patient and work a little harder online for those relationships to truly develop how you want them to.

Finally, some websites are so heavily focussed on using computer algorithms to find your matches that you will not be able to view or access the profiles of many women that do not meet the criteria. Users will sometimes find themselves editing their own profiles and other attributes to try and conquer the algorithm and meet other people.

How L’Elite can help you meet your perfect match

Here at L’Elite, we have looked at the exciting world of digital dating in great detail. We wanted to produce an app and a service that capitalised on the many advantages and opportunities presented by online dating, but at the same time reduced the risk of you running in to those disadvantages that we’ve mentioned.

We want to give you the platform to find your perfect match from London’s elite digital dating scene. To do this, we’ve incorporated our ‘No Catfishing’ policy which has been reinforced through technology. Every single sign-up to our app goes through real-time verification, meaning there is no room for dishonesty.

L’Elite also removes the need for fancy algorithms that help you find that perfect match – instead, we make sure you can access every profile you wish to – you’re not blocked or limited by what a computer thinks you like.

Additionally, we focus on quality over quantity. Our app is aimed at the exclusive and elite London dating scene, and so having the right users is vital to us. Our exclusive, pre-screened, community is bursting with like-minded singles who are ready to meet and have fun on London’s digital dating scene.

Finally, we’ve put a little bit of old-fashioned dating back in to the mix with our meetups at luxury venues. These allow you to get to know some of those people you may be chatting with on L’Elite even better, in a safe and luxury environment.

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