Online Dating for Professionals, When starting or building a career, is it possible to also make dating work or do we have to wait for a more suitable time? In this blog, we share our thoughts.

At L’Elite, we believe deeply that there is never a perfect time in our life to date, and often the right person comes along when we least expect it or are even looking. Therefore, we have to embrace what happens and be flexible so we don’t waste or miss opportunities to connect with potential partners. 

When starting or building your career, you may often get home from work and be so exhausted that the last thing on your mind is dating. To make it possible to meet new friends and dates, we must become a master of our health and schedule so we optimise our energy levels and create spaces for new connections. Whether you choose to seek dates through friend recommendations, online or social occasions, there are various ways you can be ready to meet someone new while you are busy building a professional career. 

Open Calendar Spaces

When you have a busy schedule during a new career, it’s best to keep fixed open spaces in the calendar each week. This will enable you to catch up with friends or schedule dates, knowing in advance that various weekly spaces are always going to be available. You’ll also save mental energy knowing your social calendar in advance and can create a more defined work/life balance.

Maintaining Energy Levels 

New work environments, colleagues and training require much more focus, it’s therefore vital to ensure you do everything possible to maintain energy levels on the days you have open calendar spaces, so you can be your best self on any dates you plan. When we’re overloaded with meetings and have a busy schedule, it’s easy to neglect health – but it’s vital to ensure you get the right balance of nutrients, plenty of water, exercise and sleep, so you can be the best version of yourself in work and on any dates you plan. 

Setting Expectations 

During your dates, it’s important to communicate where you are with your career and how much time you can give to a new person, so your expectations are aligned and they don’t feel a lack of interest. If they haven’t started focussing on a career yet, they may not understand how much focus it’ll take so keep them updated to avoid any conflicts. 

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