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Dating for London Professionals

Finding your perfect match can be tricky enough, but dating for professionals in London can be an especially challenging prospect.

Living in the nation’s capital brings with it many advantages. Aside from being able to wake-up each morning in one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities, it’s also the perfect location from which to build your professional career.

However, when you’re looking for love, things can sometimes get a little less convenient. There are so many potential obstacles in your way that you can easily find yourself having your time wasted or falling in to some of the many common issues with online dating apps.

The key to finding good matches on the London dating scene is to know where to look and also what you’re looking. You’ll want to find someone with similar interests, as is normal in any dating search, but you’re also likely to have career aspirations of your own.

Therefore, you’re likely to want someone of a similar mindset. Someone who is similarly driven to succeed in their career as they are in their personal life, but also someone who will understand the pressures and opportunities that a professional career can give you.

Ticking all of these boxes is not an easy task and many dating platforms and apps also end up making this harder. Catfishing is rife, sadly, while it’s easy for people to bend the truth online when it comes to their careers. This is when dating for professionals in London can potentially become somewhat stressful!

It’s not just online where problems persist, especially in big cities such as London. Attending a speed dating event, for example, can also result in your time being wasted with people who you just aren’t compatible with, or worse still, aren’t telling you the whole truth about who they are.

Thankfully, there is a solution at hand.

L’Elite – making dating for professionals in London easy

The new dating app, L’Elite, has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of professionals in the city of London who wish to date people of a similar background or professional standing.

Taking all of the potential hurdles and pitfalls in to account, the app has been developed to challenge these difficulties head-on, presenting professional singles with a digital platform to truly find their perfect match.

There are six key features which help to facilitate the perfect online environment when it comes to dating for professionals in London. They are:

  • No catfishing: Catfishing is something that is sadly rife on dating websites and social media platforms around the world. L’Elite aims to eradicate that, giving users absolute peace of mind that the person they are talking to are exactly who they say they are. Real-time photo verification is used upon sign-up to make this a robust and trustworthy process.
  • Exclusive community: The app is about quality over quantity, so all new sign-ups are screened, and numbers are limited. The result is a high-quality and exclusive community of people looking for exactly the same as you are.
  • Full control: Some dating websites will use technology or fancy algorithms to decide which members to show you are potential matches. L’Elite simply avoids doing that. Because the community is already well-curated with high-quality members, the choice is left to you – no members are hidden away.
  • Luxury events: We’ve already mentioned those cringe-worthy speed dating events that everyone has tried once, not to mention other dating events that leave you banging your head against a brick wall.

    L’Elite organise and run exclusive, luxury dating events for its members allowing you to see exactly who else is on the website. All events are hosted in high-end, luxury venues, meaning you no longer have to worry about sticky bar floors, noisy club and tacky restaurants!

  • Like-minded singles: L’Elite is specifically aimed at dating for professionals in London. Thanks to the aforementioned screening and verification of profiles, you can trust what and who you see on the app.
  • Safety first: There is a policy on L’Elite that is focussed on safety-first. It’s a zero-tolerance approach to violating terms and conditions, so you can rest assured that nobody you speak to will have fallen foul of these rules previously